How To Do Basic Cheerleading Moves

A cheerleader's movements are the foundation of her performance capacity. It's remarkable, and very impressive, to have the ability to do astonishing cheerleading motions. 

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How to do basic cheerleading stances

Many people think being a cheerleader is just about looking pretty, shouting out loud in uniform. But is it? Nope, not that easy. Being a cheerleader requires the ability to hit every motion precisely and make perfect stances. More importantly, every single member of the team needs to perfect their stances so the whole team performs as one unit. This is crucial to getting the most cheers from the audiences and as many points as possible from the judges. Although hitting the motion on the spot is vital to cheerleading, it is the stances that lies in the core. You...

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Cheerleading rigas ogres baldones power training hair bows

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